About the Wetlab

About the Wet Lab

The Wet Lab is San Diego’s first community science platform for collaborative research and education. Our non-profit organization supports active community-funded research projects, educational outreach programs through free workshops and a bi-monthly lecture series showcasing well-known local scientists, environmental business leaders and academics, study groups, and the San Diego County’s first public Bio-lab in La Jolla’s Riford Library. The Wet Lab is also a platform for independent scientific research and science outreach. It provides researchers with a low-overhead research space, shared equipment, shared resources, access to a community of volunteers, and fundraising opportunities, that provides project leaders with the means to quickly test, iterate and grow their project. It also provides professional scientists with an outreach platform to educate and give back to the public via scientific lectures and educational workshops.


We live in an exciting time where knowledge and scientific discovery is rapidly expanding. This explosion of information creates opportunities for even greater discovery as scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs rapidly progress towards solutions for global issues such as cures for disease, improved health and wellness, and ecological sustainability.

The Wet Lab is located in San Diego, a hub for cutting edge research and biomedical discoveries. It serves the region by communicating breakthrough research from local San Diego research institutions and bringing the latest research techniques to the public while offering opportunities for members to create and take part in scientific projects of public interest.

The Wet Lab achieves this mission through:

1. A free Lecture Series that brings the latest research and innovations from leading San Diego research institutions and biotech companies to the public
2. A workshop series that provides hands-on demonstrations of contemporary scientific research methods and techniques
3. Opportunities for independent scientific research projects
4. Study groups and Journal club where members discuss recent discoveries and share research ideas

Anyone is welcome to attend our events or become a member. Our members include professional scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, students, bio-philes, and scientifically-curious people of all backgrounds. We believe that science should be open, fun, accessible, and affordable to all.


The Wet Lab was started in 2014 by Cameron Clarke, a local entrepreneur with an interest in algae biotechnology and a passion for making science accessible to citizens from all walks of life. Like many ambitious ideas, it began in a garage, but later moved to a space rented from Fab Lab Makerspace in Downtown San Diego. In the Spring of 2015, the Wet Lab began a first of its kind collaboration with the San Diego Public Library, bringing hands-on biotech workshops and lectures from local scientists directly to the public. The Wet Lab also helped set up the Community Bio Lab at the La Jolla Library to support educational programs.

In the Spring of 2017, the Wet Lab was established as a 501c3 non-profit corporation by Derek Shaeffer, Indrani Ganguly-Fitzgerald, Callen Hyland, Kyle Bates, and Christian Erikson, Vladimir Gaingulin, and Daren Le, beginning a new chapter in our history. We are now looking for a dedicated space to host community research, DIY-bio projects, and in-depth hands-on workshops.


Our executive team and board consists of members with diverse backgrounds and experience, who are all passionate about science.


Since 2015 we have been collaborating with the La Jolla/Riford Public Library’s Life Science Collaboratory. The La Jolla Library is one of the first public libraries in US to host a community bio lab. The Wet Lab also hosts educational workshops and a lecture series featuring professional scientists and entrepreneurs on topics that range from neuroscience to drug discovery to climate change.

Here are some of the other organizations we collaborate with to bring in-depth, participatory science education to the public: