The Wet Lab offers many ways for members and the public to get involved in our projects .

  • Project lead: make your idea come to life. For members who have a compelling project and story and offer an achievable solution or analysis that helps to solve problems of value to the public.
  • Volunteer: take part in a research project to understand the research process, or volunteer for a project in the DIY bio lab
  • Test and prototype ideas or train yourself in the DIY bio lab
  • Attend an event or study group to stay informed about the progress of ongoing projects.

Project leaders join the Wet Lab because it offers a low-overhead research space, shared equipment, shared resources, and a fundraising and publishing platform, providing project leaders with the means to quickly test, iterate and grow their project. This unique research space attracts project leaders with various backgrounds and needs, including:

  • professors at teaching colleges seeking lab space to pursue research interests
  • life science researchers looking for a space to pursue research without the limitations of companies or academia
  • researchers offering a significant solution or contribution to a compelling problem, but need an affiliation

Our project leaders have extensive research project experience from top global institutions and have published on a wide range of topics, including climate change, microbial ecology, biophysics, memory, sleep, and neuroscience. Their work has been featured in Science, Nature, Cell and other high impact journals.

A current list of projects are listed under the drop-down menu. To volunteer, please contact the project leader for more details about how to get involved.