Daren Le

Daren is the secretary at the Wet Lab. He graduated with B.S. in Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology at University of California Santa Cruz. He currently has two years of experience working in the biotech industry. He has worked at a company where he has synthesized oligonucleotides using solid phase synthesis and is currently working at a biotech company doing DNA extractions....   [read more]

Workshops Organizer

The Wet Lab is looking for a Workshops Organizer. As the workshops organizer you would be responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and recruiting volunteers for a series of hands-on science workshops for children and adults. Our goal is to inspire individuals of all ages to make scientific discovery a part of their everyday lives, in the same way we make art and music a part of our everyday lives.

This is an unparalleled opportunity for someone considering science outreach as a career- you will have the freedom to shape an entire program with very few limitations. How...   [read more]

Skin Microbiome Event

Upcoming event on the skin microbiome and product commercialization, featuring Prof. Rob Knight and Prof. Richard Gallo from UCSD – Sept. 20

http://mitefsd.org/event/2017-sept-20-microbiome/?instance_id=727...   [read more]

Get involved: The Wet Lab has open positions

If you have a passion for science and education, please consider joining our team!

See available volunteer positions below...   [read more]

The Future of Bird Ecology at the Salton Sea

The Salton Sea is California’s largest lake, located 85 miles northeast of San Diego.  More bird species visit the wildlife refuge at the Salton Sea each than any other wildlife refuge in the western United States each year, but imminent water-loss and water quality decline threaten the future of this ecosystem. The lake is expected to shrink to almost half of its current size by 2030, resulting in ecological impacts at the Salton Sea that mimic future climate-change scenarios in regions across the planet, but on a much faster timescale.  Many management sol...   [read more]