Journal Club

Scientific inquiry, ideas and design are fueled by engaged and informed dialogue and debate. The Wet Lab hosts monthly Journal Club meetings to foster intellectual camaraderie between our members, to keep up to date with the latest discoveries, and/or to discuss a specified topic of interest.

Each Journal Club will have a presenter who will choose the topic of discussion, provide any materials pertaining to the topic, and lead the discussion.

All participants must come prepared to debate, discuss and synthesize new ideas, as we hang out in a coffee house or a brewery...   [read more]

Indrani Ganguly-Fitzgerald, Ph. D.

Indrani is a co-founder and vice-President of The Wet Lab. She is a Neurogeneticist, and supporter of egalitarian and independent scientific pursuit.  Indrani’s graduate work was conducted in the laboratories of Dr.s Trudy Mackay and Robert Anholt, at North Carolina State University, and involved the quantitative and molecular characterization of a unique behavioural gene found in both males and females, but differentially processed to produce male-specific and female-specific behavioural outputs. Subsequently as a Fellow in Experimental Neurobiolo...   [read more]

David Forney, Ph. D.

David leads two Research Projects at the Wet Lab: Salton Sea Bird Ecology, and Data Science for Democracy.   In addition to those projects, David leads the curation of Wet Lab’s website, brand, and business model and is also the former Wet Lab outreach coordinator.

David completed his doctoral work at MIT, where he studied the carbon cycle and respiration kinetics of microbial communities in soils and marine sediment.  He has 4 years of experience as a data scientist at a San Diego tech company.  He is working with the wet lab in order to create a novel platform t...   [read more]