Workshops Organizer

The Wet Lab is looking for a Workshops Organizer. As the workshops organizer you would be responsible for scheduling, coordinating, and recruiting volunteers for a series of hands-on science workshops for children and adults. Our goal is to inspire individuals of all ages to make scientific discovery a part of their everyday lives, in the same way we make art and music a part of our everyday lives.

This is an unparalleled opportunity for someone considering science outreach as a career- you will have the freedom to shape an entire program with very few limitations. However, anyone who takes over this role will inherit an extensive email list of past participants, all protocols and materials from previous workshops, and dedicated group of regulars who keep coming back to our workshops month after month.

Workshops will take place at the La Jolla Public Library and, in the future, at the Wet Lab research space. Our collaboration with the La Jolla Library is central to our mission to connect San Diego scientists with curious members of the public. In keeping with the traditional role of the public library as a venue for self-directed and open-ended inquiry, our programs are driven by the interests of the presenters and the audience. There is no need to follow a pre-defined curriculum or teach certain topics. The Wet Lab’s community of scientists  will continue to be an essential source of volunteers and ideas for our workshop series.

Please contact for more information about this position.

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